Saturday 30 November 2013

Happy Fifty Years and One Week Anniversary

Last weekend, I watched the fiftieth anniversary episode of Doctor Who. It reminded me to ask my Doctor Who loving friends on Facebook, of which I have many, does the use of a fez in my graphic novel There's No Time Like The Present (out as a collection from Escape Books next year) pre-date the character's love of the hat in the TV show. In a scene from my story, Cliff, a huge Doctor Who fan, always wears a fez when he watches the programme. (The scene is reproduced below). To my relief, according to my  friends, it does. The reason I drew the character in a fez is because I always used to wear one when I drew comics until, eventually, it got misshapen and I threw it away.

The above page was drawn around the time of the TV show's return with Christopher Eccleston and might even pre-date it. Later, when David Tennant was playing the character, I zoned out during an episode in which he was shouting at the devil and, for a moment, I imagined I was watching Jeremy Kyle bawling out some poor seventeen year old boy for making somebody pregnant. It was this thought which inspired the following mash-up strips called The Doctor Kyle Show


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