Sunday 20 December 2009

Waterstone's Signing

After the great success that was my Borders signing in October which later saw the administrators being called in and me not being paid (so far) for the stock I sold for them, I will be appearing in the Berkhamsted branch of Waterstone's this Tuesday between 10 AM and 4 PM signing copies of Book of Lists. I'm hoping to sell lots of copies to panicking last minute Christmas shoppers. I haven't been able to promote this signing at all so if you're in the area please pop by and say hello. I will appreciate the moral support.

Friday 18 December 2009

TNTLTP 10 Review

Richard Bruton writes a review of There's No Time Like The Present part 10 for the Forbidden Planet blog. "To be honest to start reading this mind bending time travel saga at issue 10 would just be foolish. However, to sit down and read the whole thing in one go, all 10 issues is definitely worthwhile – it’s a great, complicated read – mixing equal parts time travel mystery with an emotional, sentimental tale of older folk – completely original stuff – but not something to dip into at this point. You really do need to get all the issues so far to really appreciate the story." The good news for you is that all ten parts so far are still available from The Shop.


Tuesday 1 December 2009

Another Book of Lists Review

Many thanks to Noel Curry for pointing me in the direction of this Book of Lists review on The Roomyverse. "The Book of Lists is pbrainey’s voice, and it’s a good ‘un." There is, of course, much more here.

Richard Bruton also reviewed the BASTARDS anthology yesterday on the Forbidden Planet Blog to which I, along with many other from the self-press comics scene, have contributed strips to. "A real call to arms for the UK scene, proving yet again, that it’s as strong as ever and getting stronger every year."

Both Book of Lists and BASTARDS can be purchased from The Shop using Paypal, or contact me here for other methods of payment.

Thursday 26 November 2009

Book of Lists Review

Richard Bruton reviews Book of Lists on the excellent Forbidden Planet blog today. "The Book Of Lists is a strange reading experience, but it works rather well. Rainey’s confident and honest enough to not hold back the details of his life that others may not want the world seeing and by doing so he’s created something remarkably interesting and engrossing. But most importantly, he’s a very funny writer who can raise a smile on a great many of his pages."

If you're visiting here for the first time because of the review or have decided that it's about time that you got a copy, Book of Lists can be purchased from The Shop using Paypal for £10.95. (Price includes postage to UK destinations.)

Thursday 12 November 2009

Pbrainey on the Radio

I'm on on the radio again! This time talking to Dickon Harris mainly about Book of Lists and partly about There's No Time Like The Present. You can listen to the show live on Resonance 104.4 FM in London or streamed here at 8 PM tonight. It will also be podcasted here.

Thursday 8 October 2009


I am the cover star of the GO! entertainment section in today’s Citizen, the newspaper Milton Keynes residents have popped through their letterboxes every Thursday. (Although mine often arrives on a Friday evening, sometimes on a Saturday morning and, occasionally, not at all). This is the artwork I did for the cover. Inside, journalist Sammy Jones is writing a piece promoting my Borders signing this Saturday. If you're a MK resident who can't wait until then to get a copy of Book of Lists, then you can buy a copy now from the Milton Keynes Art Gallery, Waterstone's Midsummer Place, Milton Keynes or directly from this website from The Shop.


Tuesday 6 October 2009


Thanks to everyone who made my presence at BICS last weekend a success for me. My next event is this Saturday when I will be be signing copies of Book of Lists in the Milton Keynes Borders store. This is the first non-comic specific venue that I've attended to promote my work so it's an unknown quantity to me. If you're in the area, please drop in and say hello. They've got a good graphic novel section there, anyway. I will be signing my comics between midday and 6 PM.

Friday 2 October 2009


BASTARDS, British Artists Standing Tall And Reaching Distant Shores, is an anthology put together by Francesca Cassavetti and Dan Lester for this year's Angoulême international comic festival in France. It features the work of some of the best artists from the British small press scene at the moment including Francesca, Dan, Sean Azzopardi, Philip Spence and many others. My strip, Goddard and Prisk is in print there for the first time as well. BASTARDS should be available to buy in three weeks time, but in the meantime, I will have an advanced copy with me at BICS this weekend if you're interested in having a look at it.


Monday 28 September 2009

Roll Out

The roll out of part 10 of There's No Time Like The Present continues. Copies can now be bought from GOSH in Central London and OK Comics in Leeds.

Also, copies of Book of Lists, the full colour actual reality collection of my diary comic strip, is now available to buy from the following locations -

all of the Travelling Man stores

Waterstone's Midsummer Place, Milton Keynes.

And of course, both Book of Lists and TNTLTP 10 are available directly from me here using Paypal.


Thursday 20 August 2009

Book of Lists Status Update

Here's an update on places you can buy copies of the actual reality version of Book of Lists if you don't want to get it direct from me. In addition to GOSH and OK Comics, copies can also be purchased now or soon from Nostalgia & Comics, Dave's Comics in Brighton and the entire chain of Travelling Man shops. Getting the book carried by retailers has been a slower and more time consuming process than I had previously thought and I'm still working on a few other venues carrying it. Hopefully, I'll have another update for you soon.

I have also had some very positive feedback for the book here, here, here, here and here which is pretty good because they're all written by actual customers. I've also had some encouraging support from Forbidden Planet and Down the Tubes.

I've been pretty quiet about it so far, but the first one hundred copies sold contain a numbered print signed by me featuring the image below. I've wanted it to be a surprise for people who buy the book but, the truth is, I've become slightly embarrassed by rerunning the cover image here every time I have a status update. All of the venues listed above are carrying copies of the book with the insert and my Shop still has a few left if you're quick.


Thursday 6 August 2009

Book of Lists Roll Out

The roll-out of Book of Lists to shops around the country continues. Currently, copies can be bought from OK Comics in Leeds in Leeds, GOSH in Central London and Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham. I'm also currently working on getting it carried in other shops around the country as well as locally in Milton Keynes. Of course, you can also buy copies from my Shop using Paypal.


Thursday 30 July 2009

Book of Lists at Collaberama

I am exhibiting at this Saturday's Collaberama where Book of Lists will be making its exhibition premier. The event starts at 11 AM at The Millar pub close to London Bridge and is part of The Alternative Press festival currently taking place in the capital. As well as small pressers exhibiting their wears, Collaberama is a day of activities where visitors and exhibiters are encouraged to collaborate on creative activities together. Speaking for myself, the reason I write, draw and publish my own comics is that I am a control freak who doesn't like working with other people. So, if you're in the area, please pop by, even if it's only to see how long it is before I start shouting at very nice people because they've drawn something wrong.


Tuesday 21 July 2009

Book of Lists is go Go GO!

Suicidal birds. Edible guitars. Licky dogs. Smelly saddles. Selective helloers. These are just some of the real events from my life which I have ordered into lists and then drawn up as comic strips. Now available to buy, Pbrainey's Book of Lists collects over fifty of the popular internet strips in actual reality book form. Copies can be ordered using Paypal from my website, or contact me here for alternative methods. 112 pages in full colour for £10.95. (Price includes post and packing to UK. International customers please visit The Shop for your button).


Financial Assistance is acknowledged from Arts Gateway MK.

Thursday 16 July 2009

Book of Lists Ad

Here's an ad I've put together promoting the actual reality Book of Lists book. Pretty good, isn't it? I imagine it'll appear in the next issue of There's No Time Like The Present or be printed up as a leaflet to annoy visitors with at events. Meanwhile, the book itself is scheduled to be dispatched from the printers on July 22nd and, barring some unforeseen catastrophe, will be available to buy a day or two after. Watch here for updates.

Thursday 9 July 2009

Book of Lists Cover

I have just approved the cover to the actual reality Book of Lists book with the printers. This has got me so excited that I've decided to share the finished cover art with you today. I hope you like it.

Friday 3 July 2009

Dalek Invasion of Milton Keynes

Here's an illustration called Dalek Invasion of Milton Keynes I did for Darryl Cunningham's new blog, Exdrawminate. On Exdrawminate, cartoonists and comic artists get to contribute their illustrations of daleks which are nearly always imaginative and witty. My drawing didn't turn out as well as I had hoped as I drew it on a really hot day earlier this week and the paper kept sticking to my arm.

Thursday 2 July 2009

Pbrainey on the Radio

I recently did an interview with Alex Frith where I talked about my comics including There's No Time Like The Present. Alex is good, very good, but I think I was over excited because of the attention I was getting. You can listen to it on Resonance 104.4 FM in London or streamed here. Alex will also podcast it here.


Monday 29 June 2009

Book of Lists News

I'm delighted to be able to confirm that an actual reality Book of Lists book is in production. The book will collect all completed comic strip lists so far in colour. It will be 112 pages long and feature over fifty strips including fourteen that have previously only been available to see online for a single day and not been assembled into strips until now. I am currently putting the finishing touches to to the book so please pop back here for news as it becomes available. In the meantime, here's an illustration I'm using as part of the cover.


Monday 15 June 2009

One Man Gang of Lads

I recently drew a one off strip called One Man Gang of Lads. Please click on the image below to read it in it's entirety.


Monday 9 March 2009

FPI Everything Else Review

After Richard Bruton's very encouraging review of There's No Time Like The Present published so far on the Forbidden Planet blog last week, yesterday he looked at the rest of my output over recent years including actual reality comics Dear Robert and Partner, Telephone Thing and Swill the Alien (all of which are still available to buy from Forbidden Planet and the shop). He also looks at my online content Book of Lists, Goddard and Prisk and The Doctor Kyle Show. "It’s an impressive body of work indeed", says Richard. Well, it's a body and it's been work so who am I to disagree. Read the review here.


Friday 6 March 2009


Richard Bruton writes a generally positive and, let's face it, very astute review of There's No Time Like The Present parts 1 to 8 for the essential Forbidden Planet International blog. Richard, amongst other things, makes clear the benefit of reading a block of issues at a time. You can read the review for yourself by going here.If you're visiting this site for the first time as a result of Richard's review then the opening 39 pages of There's No Time Like The Present can be read online for free here while copies can be ordered from the shop or from Forbidden Planet if you prefer.


Saturday 7 February 2009

The BAC Mini take over

Josie Long is curating a mini festival at as part of the N20 festival at the Battersea Arts Centre next week from Monday 9th of February to Thursday 12th. Each day, there will be a performance of an Edinburgh show, a variety stand-up act and a band. As well as this, there will be permanent fixtures such as a mini-cinema club and the opportunity to buy comics, including mine, from Nathaniel Metcalf. For more details, please visit the BAC website or, if you're on Facebook, go here.


Wednesday 21 January 2009

The Two Cartoonist Rule

There I was, yesterday, happily reading this interview with Darryl Cunningham on the Forbidden Planet Blog, thinking to myself, "I'm going to save that picture (low res version below) and use it as my wallpaper for a while", when in response to a question about what comics he's been enjoying recently he responds, "At Caption I picked up copies of Paul Rainey's There’s No Time Like The Present. This is an ongoing series which I can’t believe doesn’t get more attention. It’s wonderfully drawn. It has rich characterisation. It’s funny and has an intriguing plot. It’s domestic and naturalistic in its style, but it also has a surreal science fiction edge. Imagine a well-written comedy-drama, set in modern Britain, where people from the future are inserting themselves into our society by setting up businesses. The BBC should snap this up."
Another cartoonist, Rob Jackson, whose work I also enjoy, wrote about TNTLTP part 8 back in November. "There’s No Time Like the Present Part 8 is another excellent read in this series." As you know, one cartoonist can be wrong but two? It's impossible. So, why not visit The Shop and buy a copy.