Friday 25 February 2011

The Two Pauls Orbital Q&A

I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday's signing and Q&A that I took part in with Paul Cornell at Orbital Comics. For me, a little bit of attention can be a dangerous thing, but everyone at the shop was very helpful and lovely while Paul was a complete gentleman throughout. Many thanks if you came along. It was great to see and to meet you.

The hour long Q&A session, compared masterfully by Tom Oldham, was filmed by Robin Harman and has been uploaded to You Tube for you to watch if you want to. Personally, I won't be watching it for a while, if ever; I remember being over excited early on while in the second half, I started to ebb and ended up mumbling something about "Doctor Who getting you boobs".

I also drew a sketch for Orbital Comics's wall which, hopefully, should be going up in a few days. Here's a scan I took, just for you.


Wednesday 23 February 2011

PJANG 5 Review

As you may know, I recently drew a twelve paged strip for the fifth issue of Rol Hirst's comic PJANG. This week, a review of it has appeared on the always vital Forbidden Planet blog. Writer Richard Bruton says, "/Rainey's/ art on the first strip “Derek” is great – with a more open and maybe more relaxed feel to it (I imagine it must have been freeing to get away from the tight, controlled layouts and small panels of TNTLTP). The bigger style really suits his work."

Copies of
PJANG 5 can be ordered from Rol via his website. for just £1.75 including postage to the UK. They're also available to buy from Orbital Comics. I know this because I lef a big pile of them there when I was there the other day.


Tuesday 15 February 2011

The Two Pauls in Orbital

This Saturday at Orbital Comics in London I will be taking part in a signing followed by a panel discussion with Paul Cornell. This should be an interesting event because there will be me, the writer, artist and publisher of small press and online comics that only you have heard of, sharing the limelight with a creator who has written episodes of Doctor Who, Robin Hood, Primeval, Captain Britain and Action Comics. I fully expect for there to be a large crowd queuing to see Paul Cornell and wondering who the hell I am.

Actually, I'm really looking forward to the event. Everyone at Orbital Comics is lovely and I'm sure that they will facilitate my determination to have an enjoyable day. It would be great to see you there if you're able to attend either or both the signing and the panel. The signing starts at 4 PM and the panel starts at 7 PM.