Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Comics I Have Work In

As you may know, publishers often aim to release their new comics in time for specific events which is why this weekend's Thought Bubble show sees the release of two anthologies that I have work in. The first is for the book collection from fresh, new publisher Borderline Press called Zombre. It features strips written and drawn by some of Britain's best creators, including Andrew Cheverton and Peter Clack, taking a wonky spin on the zombie genre. For it I have produced a short called Dick Stein.

The other is for The Newspaper Strip Collection of Oscar Charles Drayton. Managed by Siobhan Hillman and Space Babe 113 creator John Maybury, it's a graphic novel that takes the form of a scrapbook collection of newspaper strips with side notes and drawings by its increasingly paranoid curator. It features new strips by Andrew Cheverton and Tim Keable, David and Arthur Goodman, Colin Stanford and John Maybury. I'm flattered to have been asked to make a small but important contribution to this intriguing and inspired project. 

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