Monday 9 March 2009

FPI Everything Else Review

After Richard Bruton's very encouraging review of There's No Time Like The Present published so far on the Forbidden Planet blog last week, yesterday he looked at the rest of my output over recent years including actual reality comics Dear Robert and Partner, Telephone Thing and Swill the Alien (all of which are still available to buy from Forbidden Planet and the shop). He also looks at my online content Book of Lists, Goddard and Prisk and The Doctor Kyle Show. "It’s an impressive body of work indeed", says Richard. Well, it's a body and it's been work so who am I to disagree. Read the review here.


Friday 6 March 2009


Richard Bruton writes a generally positive and, let's face it, very astute review of There's No Time Like The Present parts 1 to 8 for the essential Forbidden Planet International blog. Richard, amongst other things, makes clear the benefit of reading a block of issues at a time. You can read the review for yourself by going here.If you're visiting this site for the first time as a result of Richard's review then the opening 39 pages of There's No Time Like The Present can be read online for free here while copies can be ordered from the shop or from Forbidden Planet if you prefer.