Sunday 2 November 2008


I meant to post this sketch I did on Halloween on Friday but I forgot to, so here it is now.

Sunday 21 September 2008

Secret Sketch

I came across this doodle over the weekend that I did of Mr. Fantastic in an old sketch book a couple of years ago. I thought I would share it with you because I like it and incase that scene occurs in the the comic Secret Invasion that Marvel are currently publishing.

Saturday 6 September 2008

Out Takes

You might recognise this panel from There's No Time Like The Present part 7 which I decided to redraw. Originally, I drew Beth wearing a bra despite her appearances in earlier panels suggesting that she wasn't wearing one under her dress. Just before going to print, I realised that being embarrassed at drawing bare breasts was ridiculous and redrew it. Anyway, here's the self conscious original.


Thursday 21 August 2008

There's No Time Like The Present part 7

Craig Johnson writes an astute review of There’s No Time Like The Present part 7 for Comics Village. “it's top quality, it's as moving, tragic and interesting as ever…

Copies are still for sale from the shop at pbrainey.

Monday 11 August 2008

Dear Robert and Partner Review

The first review that I’ve come across of my comic Dear Robert and Partner appears here at The Comics Village website. Craig Johnson writes, “the depth in the disparity of the tone between the words and the art, and the fact that we can all relate to noisy and nuisance neighbours, the desire for a quiet life and the understanding that rocking the boat just isn't "the done thing" means we can relate to this…”

Thursday 17 July 2008

There's No Time Like the Present 7 Reviews

There have been a couple of reviews of There's No Time Like The Present on the internet recently. One by Andrew Cheverton here in which he says "Filled with excellent facial expression and moments of quiet detail, this is beginning to seem like a masterwork", and another by Rob Jackson here.

Wednesday 18 June 2008

Love Bomb 2 Review

I came across this review of Love Bomb 2 at Comics Village while surfing the internet today. It's interesting to encounter a new review of work I did so long ago. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no copies left of it for sale, However, Swill the Alien, who made his first appearance in it, has his own one off comic still available for purchase from The Shop if you're interested.

Monday 26 May 2008

Mini Reviews of TNTLTP 7

A couple of mini reviews for There's No Time Like The Present part 7 have started to appear. Rol Hirst has one on his blog and Factor Fiction Press on theirs.

I'm still in the process of rolling out Part 7 and Dear Robert and Partner to retailers. In the meantime, you can order copies directly from here by visiting the Shop or by other methods. Contact me directly for details.

Monday 19 May 2008

2000 AD Prog Slog mentioned in The Guardian Film blog

For the Guardian Film blog, Mark Hooper raises the question that any person with at least a partial knowledge of 2000 AD has will have asked themselves; Why Are There No Decent 2000 AD Films? He deals with the subject with aplomb, but I mention it here because he finishes his entry mentioning my 2000 AD Prog Slog. “In the meantime, if you're experiencing Scrotnig withdrawal, Paul Rainey's excellent Prog Slog blog does exactly what it says on the tin: an exhaustive review of every issue (or "Prog") of the comic. So far he's up to 1986. Hollywood producers take note.” That’s pretty cool, isn’t it; having your blog mentioned in The Guardian Film Blog. Although, I’m sure at the very end there, Mark is telling Hollywood to take note of 2000 AD and not necessarily my blog. Although, Hollywood, if you’re reading this and need some help sorting out potential movie franchises from 2000 AD then I’m your man.