Tuesday 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas

Usually, I like to make and send my own Christmas cards but this year I've not been bothered. Instead, in recognition of the publication of the There's No Time Like The Present graphic novel, here are a couple of cards from the past that I sent while I self published the 'singles'.

From Christmas 2005! From at least a year after I started work on There's No Time Like The Present.

From 2006

You can buy There's No Time Like The Present from...

And, of course, the Escape Books website

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Personal Appearance in Orbital Comics

This Thursday I will be in conversation about my graphic novel, There’s No Time Like The Present, at Orbital Comics in London. 

The definitive collection of my long running comic has recently been published by Escape Books. During the 1980s, Escape Books published the earliest comic work of Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean and Eddie Campbell. More recently, they’ve returned to the publishing game starting with a collection of Pleece Brothers comics called The Great Unwashed. So, as you can imagine, having my work published by them is an honour.

For the collection, I have grey-toned the art, added some additional artwork, tweaked the appearance of some of the characters for consistency and corrected the spelling and grammatical mistakes. The result is a beautifully produced 350 paged hardback that has exceeded my expectations.

Currently, the book is going through what I refer to as a ‘soft release’. Distributors and shops will not have the graphic novel made available to them to order until next year for a Spring release but because we are eager for people who might want the book for Christmas to be able to buy copies it is currently available via limited outlets. They are…

GOSH Comics in London
The Escape Books website
And, of course, Orbital Comics.

I would love for you to attend this Thursday’s launch of the book if you’re able to. I am being interviewed by Chris Thompson and then I will be signing and sketching in the limited, book-plate editions of There’s No Time Like The Present exclusive to the evening.

Monday 8 December 2014

Corporate Gig

On Friday, I did a 'corporate gig'. My brief was to attend a Christmas party and draw what I observed. The party was held in the art gallery which is why many of the guests were in fancy dress (or, as we refer to it these days, "cosplay"). 

Anyway, it's occurred to me that there might be other people or organisations that may like me to provide this type of service from them. If you're running an event and are interested in me live-drawing what I observe, then please contact me via email in the first instance.

Photos of some of the drawings that I did during the event.