Friday 30 April 2010

Sci-Fi London

Currently taking place in our nation's great capital is the Sci-Fi London festival. Starting on Wednesday just gone and finishing on Monday May 3rd, the theme for this years festival is Life in 2050. Now, I'll be honest with you, I like a bit of science fiction, but I'm not immersed enough in the genre to have heard of this festival before this year. Making my ignorance appear even worse is it seems to be quite a big festival. So when I tell you that on Saturday at 1 PM I will be appearing on a panel called Future Publishing you might be surprised. When I think about how little I know about publishing in 2010 let alone 2050, so am I. Fortunately, if you go to the website you will see that the other panel guests look pretty good so, hopefully, they'll take up my slack. If you're attending the festival or in the area, then you might like to pop by and watch me make a fool of myself in public.