Thursday 20 August 2009

Book of Lists Status Update

Here's an update on places you can buy copies of the actual reality version of Book of Lists if you don't want to get it direct from me. In addition to GOSH and OK Comics, copies can also be purchased now or soon from Nostalgia & Comics, Dave's Comics in Brighton and the entire chain of Travelling Man shops. Getting the book carried by retailers has been a slower and more time consuming process than I had previously thought and I'm still working on a few other venues carrying it. Hopefully, I'll have another update for you soon.

I have also had some very positive feedback for the book here, here, here, here and here which is pretty good because they're all written by actual customers. I've also had some encouraging support from Forbidden Planet and Down the Tubes.

I've been pretty quiet about it so far, but the first one hundred copies sold contain a numbered print signed by me featuring the image below. I've wanted it to be a surprise for people who buy the book but, the truth is, I've become slightly embarrassed by rerunning the cover image here every time I have a status update. All of the venues listed above are carrying copies of the book with the insert and my Shop still has a few left if you're quick.


Thursday 6 August 2009

Book of Lists Roll Out

The roll-out of Book of Lists to shops around the country continues. Currently, copies can be bought from OK Comics in Leeds in Leeds, GOSH in Central London and Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham. I'm also currently working on getting it carried in other shops around the country as well as locally in Milton Keynes. Of course, you can also buy copies from my Shop using Paypal.