Tuesday 27 October 2020

Journey Into Indignity Preview On Down The Tubes

There’s a preview of my new comic, Journey Into Indignity, on the Down The Tubes website. “I can safely report it’s everything thing you might expect from this wayward talent, whose view on the world not only makes you laugh, but think, too.” 

Friday 23 October 2020

NEW KICKSTARTER! Journey Into Indignity

From the pulsing mind and hands of Viz Comic cartoonist Paul B. Rainey comes a collection of his most recent comics,
JOURNEY INTO INDIGNITY. Mainly humorous, often exciting, always angry. Be warned; some of this comic is filth. Much of it is absolute filth!

Content includes…
Reboot. The story of a middle-aged comic fan’s desperate pitch to relaunch a long running superhero comic-book.
The Angel of DeathA man who cannot die is only ever seen my his descendants on their death beds. 
I’m ListeningA man is irritated by the disinterest of his girlfriend in some uninteresting news he has for her.
Also, Sexaholic Panda, DJ Sorry, Beards, lost episodes of Star Trek too filthy for TV and some Star Wars jokes. PLUS, seriously, loads more!

I’m launching Journey Into Indignity using Kickstarter. This is the first time that I’ve run a crowd funding campaign. The campaign is currently LIVE and ends midnight, Friday November 13th.

The Kickstarter for Journey Into Indignity can viewed here.