Thursday 30 December 2010


PJANG is a comic I've enjoyed since it started a couple of years ago. Each issue features two or three strips written by Rol Hirst and drawn by a different artist. The latest issue features two strips; Ex-Men drawn by Kelvin Green and Derek drawn by me.
In a review written by Steve Miller he says, "It’s the first strip I’ve seen from Paul since the completion of ‘There’s No Time Like The Present’, and it looks like he had lots of fun with it, almost like it was a relief to break away from the storytelling mechanisms he imposed upon himself in that previous project." It's true, it was the first thing I drew after completing There’s No Time Like The Present and I DID have lots of fun drawing it.

Copies of
PJANG 5 can be ordered from Rol via his website. for just £1.75 including postage to the UK.

Cover art by Nigel Lowrey

Saturday 18 December 2010


A couple of updates for you. Firstly, SFX magazine's Comic Heroes features a review of BASTARDS 2, the high quality small press anthology to which I have contributed. Matthew Badham says the book had him laughing out loud. "Dr Kyle, a Doctor Who/Jeremy Kyle mash-up, is a tour de force." I still have some copies of BASTARDS 2 available for sale in The Shop. It costs £10, which includes postage to the UK. If you order it now, you should receive it by Christmas... 2011.

Secondly, Rob Jackson features There's No Time Like The Present on his best of the year list. "Now this 13 part series is finished I am definitely putting it on my best comics of the year list. It's great." All parts are still available and can be ordered from The Shop.