Wednesday 27 May 2015

There's No Time Like The Present Updates

Item: I am a guest at this Saturday's Wonderland's Graphic Novel Expo taking place at the University Of Sunderland. I will be signing and sketching in copies of There's No Time Like The Present at the Escape Books table during the day. I will also be a panelist during the Telling Stories (Fiction in Graphic Novels) panel at 1:20 PM with Dylan Horrocks, Woodrow Phoenix, Ian Edington and Tim Pilcher

Item: If you're unable to attend Wonderland's then perhaps you will catch me at CECAF (Crouch End Cartoon Arts Festival) taking place the following Saturday June 6 at Earl Haig. I will be signing and sketching copies of There's No Time Like The Present and Thunder Brother: Soap Division

Item: Richard Johnston has written an excellent review of There's No Time Like The Present for Bleedin' Cool website. “It took him seven years to finish, it took me seven hours, but every second was well spent, for both of us.” You can read the whole review here

Friday 22 May 2015

The Pianos

Pianos Page 1
Pianos Page 2

The Pianos is a strip I drew fifteen years ago for a phantom children's comic called Boom. One of the other creators involved in the project was Marc Laming who has since gone on to draw comics for DC Vertigo and Marvel including this week's Planet Hulk. Marc coloured and re-lettered The Pianos making what was a shaky looking strip when it left me appear almost professional.


Wednesday 13 May 2015

There's No Time like The Present Review

Here's a review of There's No Time Like The Present written for the Forbidden Planet website by Richard Bruton "It’s a book first conceived of many years ago, taking Rainey some seven years to complete, and seeing it get a well-deserved, and very lavish hardback collection from Escape Books is a very pleasing thing. Because make no mistake about it, There’s No Time Like The Present (hitherto shortened to TNTLTP) is a story deserving the wider audience this book should rightly give it." Read the full review here

Thursday 7 May 2015

There's No Time Like The Present Updates

ItemGuy Lawley has written a fantastic review of There's No Time Lime The Present for the Legion Of Andy website. "From his life in the southern English “new town” of Milton Keynes—not always thought of as an inspiring location—and from our early 21st century times, Paul Rainey has crafted a story which spans if not the whole of space, time and human experience, something pretty damn close." Read the full review here.

Item: So far, three parts of my six part interview with Paul Gravett have been posted to my publisher's website. Read How I Got To Now at the Escape Books website.

Item: Along with other accomplished cartoonists, I've contributed to a feature called Why I Love Comics that appeared recently in The Herald Scotland"Comics are complex thoughts and emotions expressed directly to the heart and the brain and the bloodstream." You can read my contribution and the feature in its entirety here

ItemRadio Paul FM LIVE! I was a guest on BBC Three Counties Radio talking to Nick Coffer about by graphic novel, There's No Time Like The Present, earlier this week. Listen to the interview in it's entirety below. 

Many thanks to Peter Stanbury of Escape Books who I nabbed the above images and YouTube clip from.