Friday 12 May 2017

Thunder Brother Special Review

The great Page 45 have reviewed my latest comic, Thunder Brother Special, on their website. "It's completely madness, clearly, but let's face it, all soaps are totally insane condensed parodies of real life, so this neatly squares the lunacy factor and in doing so makes it infinitely more enjoyable than an episode of Emmerdale could ever be..!" You can read the full review here

Friday 5 May 2017

On Tour; Magic Kingdom Comics

This Saturday May 6th is Free Comic-Book Day where comic shops around the world put on events and give away comic-books to their customers. As part of this event, I will be appearing at Magic Kingdom Comics in my home town of Milton Keynes where I will be selling copies of my comics (not giving away) and drawing sketches for their customers. If you're in the area, then please pop by and say hello.