Monday 23 December 2013

Merry Christmas

I'm very sorry but I've not got around to making a Christmas card this year. Instead, here are some of my favourite cards from recent years for you. I hope these will suffice. 

From 2009. If I were drawing this now I would include Jesus in the line-up.

This is my favourite although not everybody who received the card liked it for some reason.

Undoubtedly, two classic British beauties still.

Thursday 12 December 2013

Catalogue of Rejections

Often, my submissions to Viz take the form of what I refer to as 'pitches'. These are rough versions of the finished strip that give the editors a good idea of what to expect should they accept the submission and make me feel better about the amount of work I put into drawing it should they reject it. Here are some pitches that Viz decided weren't for them.
I think I might have been successful with this pitch if I had made the reference to Horrible Histories more clear by calling the strip Unpleasant Pasts or Yucky Yesterdays or something.
My occasional collaborator and proof-reader, Robert Wells, describes this as 'too rude, even for Viz'.
Had I submitted this around the time Richie appeared on the comedy panel show Would I Lie To You boasting about his sexual conquests whilst he was doing The Daz Doorstep Challenge adverts and married to Colleen Nolan I might have stood a chance but instead I left it too late.
Maybe Viz just don't find jokes about erections as funny as I seem to.

Monday 9 December 2013

X-O Men


I drew the above strip for a comedy night fanzine a few years ago. I have no idea if it was used (and experience has taught me not to assume that it was). I was reminded of it recently after reading the latest issue of Spandex by Martin Eden and I saw this panel in it.

My comic Thunder Brother: Soap Division also makes a brief cameo in the new issue. It took me three reads before I found it.