Tuesday 18 September 2012

Body Pop in Strip Magazine

If you own an iPad and you like comics, then you might like to consider buying a copy of Strip Magazine 6 which is now available for you to download to your device. Amongst the various comics, it features a strip called Body Pop, written by myself and drawn by Robert Wells.

Robert and I submitted Body Pop to the magazine's Strip Challenge and was one of six successful entries. My other entry, written and drawn entirely by me and called The Jelly, wasn't as successful but appears as an extra in the recently released second issue of Thunder Brother: Soap Division.

If you don't own an iPad but still want to read Body Pop, then it appears in the super-sized physical edition of Strip Magazine 5 scheduled for release in the next few weeks.

If you're unfamiliar with Rob's work, or even if you are familiar with it, then you really should check out his latest comic, Department of the Peculiar, which he did with Rol Hirst and is available to buy from either of their websites or from Amazon for the Kindle. 

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Rob Wells said...

Thanks, Paul. Have you downloaded a copy? I'm probably going to wait for the paper version of #5, but it's tempting...

Paul B Rainey said...

No, I don't have the means to view it. An iPhone is too small, right?

Rob Wells said...

It might be too small, but I was able to zoom in an read DOTP #1 on my iPod (once Lesley showed me what to do), so maybe not. It does specifically say the digital version of Strip is for the iPad, though.