Friday, 25 February 2011

The Two Pauls Orbital Q&A

I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday's signing and Q&A that I took part in with Paul Cornell at Orbital Comics. For me, a little bit of attention can be a dangerous thing, but everyone at the shop was very helpful and lovely while Paul was a complete gentleman throughout. Many thanks if you came along. It was great to see and to meet you.

The hour long Q&A session, compared masterfully by Tom Oldham, was filmed by Robin Harman and has been uploaded to You Tube for you to watch if you want to. Personally, I won't be watching it for a while, if ever; I remember being over excited early on while in the second half, I started to ebb and ended up mumbling something about "Doctor Who getting you boobs".

I also drew a sketch for Orbital Comics's wall which, hopefully, should be going up in a few days. Here's a scan I took, just for you.


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