Saturday, 8 February 2014

Too Much Sex and Violence

On Monday, I posted the complete Derek, a strip I drew for writer Rol Hirst. Rol is a rare creature in comics in that he is a writer who succeeds in finding artists to draw his stories and usually good artists too. Take a look at Rol's Department of the Peculiar, for example, drawn by Rob Wells. In recent years, Rol produced PJANG, an occasional anthology of his stories drawn by various artists. It was in issue five of PJANG that Derek originally saw print.

Normally, I prefer to write my own strips but after finishing There's No Time Like The Present, I took advantage of Rol's offer to draw Derek before embarking on the equally time consuming Thunder Brother: Soap Division.

The cover to PJANG 5 drawn by Nigel Lowrey, another of Rol's many great artists.

Another recent comic from Rol is Too Much Sex and Violence. Again, this is drawn by a various artists from Rol's impressive network of contacts. So far, Rol has published four issues, for which I have made time to produce six pages of artwork for. Here they are, reproduced below, stripped of Rol's words.

These three pages originally appeared in issue one of Too Much Sex and Violence...
...while these three appeared in issue four.

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