Monday 29 August 2022

Why Don't You Love Me Neil Gaiman

My publisher Drawn And Quarterly asked Neil Gaiman if he would read my upcoming graphic novel, Why Don’t You Love Me?, and, incredibly, he replied with this blurb for it. I’ve known about this for a few weeks now and all I want to know is, when does the reeling stop?

When I began to read Why Don't You Love Me? I thought it read like any number of slightly surrealistic slightly vapid early-2000s stories that were basically the cartoonist's way of telling you they hated everyone and everything. And then it came into focus and it wasn't that thing at all. And then it came into focus again, uplifting and heartbreaking and (a word that I use sparingly) relevant. The kind of story, leading to a last panel that's all pain and joy and delivers the whole thing. What a masterwork. To understand all is to forgive all.—Neil Gaiman

Why Don't you Love Me is published in January 2023 but available to advance orders from specialist comicshops, bookshops and websites now. Checkout this link.

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