Sunday, 22 May 2022

Why Don't You Love Me? THE END


Thanks for all of the Likes, Shares and RTs over the last four years of serialising Why Don't You Love Me.
If you enjoyed Why Don't you Love Me then please consider visiting my online shop and buying one or more of my self-published comics. You may not be disappointed.
Please be aware, my intention is to remove all of the episodes from social media (best endeavours) in about three weeks’ time.
The good news is that a collected edition of Why Don't You Love Me is scheduled for publication by Drawn and Quarterly in January 2023!

GRIPE NIGHT is the latest collection of comics written and drawn by Paul B. Rainey, Viz Comic cartoonist, and winner of the Jonathan Cape/Observer Newspaper/Comica Short Story Prize.

I have been secretly working away on GRIPE NIGHT for over a year and the majority of its content has not been seen elsewhere before. Strips include….

Similar To But Not! The winner of the Jonathan Cape/Observer Newspaper/Comica Short Story Prize in 2019. Presented in Gripe Night as God intended for the first time!

Unseen episodes of Ricky Gervais: He Talks To The Animals!

Unbelievable but true stories from the artist’s memoirs including William, It Was EverythingBoom Boom Push The Button and introducing Aunty Bunty!

PLUS… Wicksy Goes Berserk! The Paul Willyhood Story! The Draw! And much more!

GRIPE NIGHT is 28 pages long, features a mix of black and white and colour strips, A4 sized magazine.

The first rule of GRIPE NIGHT is that you tell everybody about GRIPE NIGHT.

Richard Bruton for Comicon“I’ve read Rainey’s work for decades now – and it would be fair to say that he’s never written or drawn better”. 

You can buy Gripe Night from my shop.