Sunday, 10 January 2021

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It’s just as you've always suspected; all of your favourite soap operas are real! Soap Division is the organisation in charge of secretly recording the lives of your favourite TV characters for your viewing pleasure. Along with his young teenage apprentice, Sally Timmins, Thunder Brother is responsible for ensuring that all soap worlds are free from any unofficial influences of the real world.

NEW! A 36-paged one-off special featuring TWO complete previously unpublished Thunder Brother:Soap Division stories, This Is Your Life and Wife Swap and a one-off strip drawn by Robert Wells called Connected. The Thunder Brother Special costs £4.50 and can be ordered by selecting the Paypal button below. The price includes the cost of post and packing to the UK. If you live outside of the UK ot for other methods of payment then please contact me here

Thunder Brother Special £4.50

All six issues of the original series are back in print! Each issue features a complete story as well as previously unseen backup strips also written and/or drawn by myself. Each issue is 24 pages long, in full colour throughout and costs only £3. Or, buy all six issues for just £15, the price of five! Copies can be ordered directly from me using the Paypal buttons below. If you find that you experience problems with the buttons, then you can Paypal me the order to my account paul at pbrainey dot com. If you don't have a Paypal account or live outside of the UK then please email me here for alternatives. 

"Rainey perfectly plays off the bizarre and incredible with the mundane and down to earth stuff, and it’s a lovely concept, all executed with flair and style." Forbidden Planet Blog

Issue 1 £3

Issue 2 £3

Issue 3 £3 

Issue 4 £3 

Issue 5 £3 

Issue 6 £3

FULL SET! All six issues for the price of five! £15

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