Thursday, 31 December 2020

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Back in print at last! Suicidal birds, edible guitars, licky dogs, smelly saddles, selective helloers. These are just some of the events from my life which I have ordered into lists and then drawn up as comic-strips. This brand new, spiral-bound print of Book of Lists collects together over fifty of my diary strips in a full-colour volume. The price is just £12,  which includes the cost of post and packing in the UK. Please use the Paypal button below to buy a copy. If you find that you experience problems with the button, then you can Paypal me the order to my account paul at pbrainey dot com. If you don't have a Paypal account or live outside of the UK then please email me here for alternatives. 

"Strangely compelling, funny, entertaining and honest." Comics International


Dan hum said...

Hey Paul
it's Danny Nichols, hope you're ok, I left Facebook, got on my nerves and made me a bit cranky. This book looks good, do you sell your stuff on Amazon? or just from your website? and hey! guess what? Alan Moore has written the introduction to my new comic! he's a super nice guy, i'll send you one when it's done,if you like, it's a little activist/political in nature.

Dan hum said...

Ha ha

Paul B Rainey said...

Hi Danny. Sorry for the delay in replying but I've just noticed your comments. (Oops). I'm still on FB and Twitter but I know what you mean about them making you feel cranky. Congratulations on the Alan Moore introduction. That's quite an achievement considering his distancing from comics these days. Yes, he's always struck me to be genuinely decent bloke. For example, back when he used to attend comic cons, he was always the only guest to that the help for bottles of water when he was on a panel. Some of my comics are available from shops like GOSH, OK Comics, Orbital and Page 45 but all of my self published ones are available directly from me here. Except for There's No Time Like The Present, which is published by Escape Books and is available from their website and, of course, those notorious tax avoiders, Amazon. Good luck with the comic. Please let me know when it is out.

Dan hum said...

Hey Paul!
No worries, yes well it's in Gosh but I was gonna send you one if you supplied me with an address, it's up to you I don't mind. Yeah Alan is a really nice guy and you're right, seems to have gone a bit reclusive on the comics front, don't blame him really, i'm already starting to think i've had enough too! I was going to put it on Amazon too, (do you sell many on the tax dodgers site?) But the worst thing about it is as soon as I sent the dang thing off to the printers I got better ideas! (Has this ever happened to you?) So i'm in the process of doing a revised edition now! But it'll be a much better version. Stronger, more impactful. Oh well, what can you do? It was too late....I like the look of your comics too, I might do a video about indie comucs soon, buy a bunch from gosh and i'll be sure to include one of yours if I do.

Dan hum said...

Thanks Paul