Sunday 16 November 2014

There's No Time Like The Present

On Friday, over ten long years after starting work on it, I received my advance copies of my graphic novel, There's No Time Like The Present, published by Escape Books. Here are some photos I took using my smart phone.

Peter Stanbury of Escape Books has done a great job on the design of the book. 

For the book collection, I toned all of the artwork which was just in plain old black and white when I originally self published the comic in episodes.

Here's another sample of the toned artwork.

And another. Did I mention that it's a beautifully produced, hefty hardback?

The book is being rolled out for sale over the coming weeks. Please watch this space or my Twitter or Facebook accounts or Escape Books for details as they occur?


Anonymous said...

Paul, book looks beautiful, and well done for being in the same publication as Eddie Campbell! I love his style too. Paul I was wondering how much you pay for your printing (per issue) I just finished my first comic book and want to print the git. By the way I promise i'll buy a couple of your Thunder Bro comics very soon. All the best Paul
Danny (not Bill)

Paul B Rainey said...

Hi Danny. Thanks for the kind comments about my book. I'm really happy with how it has turned out. Escape Books have done an excellent job.

I can't advise about the printers that Escape used but, for TBSD I used They did a very good job in my opinion. They used to have a booklet price list on their website which they have removed but give 'em a call. I always found them to be very helpful.

Anonymous said...

thanks Paul, i'll give them a call. Do you know how I can get a strip published in a book like this? any leads you can give me? I know it's cheeky to ask but couldn't help myself. I'm kind of stumped and don@t have any contacts apart from your self. No worries if not Paul. Take it easy man.

Paul B Rainey said...

I'm probably the worst published cartoonist to know as I have no real idea as to how these things happen. For TNTLTP, I drew and self-published the comic over a period of 7 years and then, when it was finished, asked Paul Gravett how to get a GN published and he replied asking if Escape could do it. For Viz, I draw strips for my own amusement and then sent them in. As you may know, I've been doing this for nearly 30 years and it's only been during the last 18 months that I've had some success with them. My advice based on my experience is to just do it for your own enjoyment first then think about who to send them to. However, I'm aware that this isn't necessarily how more professional creators than me operate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul, you're right, I'll carry on hustling. Pain that it is. I got two books finished now. I just like the fact that I finished them. I'll send you one when I got a copy. No charge. Be good to put a quote from you on the cover.

Anonymous said...

if not a quote from you then i'll use an anonymous bit of graffiti that said (pointing to one of my drawings with an arrow)"This is the next Banksy right here"
That'll have to do Paul. I like how neat your lettering is too. Impressive, mine is a bit wobbly

Paul B Rainey said...

I letter straight down too. None of those guidelines etc.