Monday, 6 January 2014

Max And His Weevil

If you've read my comics There's No Time Like The Present and The Doctor Kyle Show then you might mistakenly think that I am a bigger Doctor Who fan than I actually am. I watch the new episodes when they are on and then, usually, forget about them and get on with my life. So these Max And His Weevil strips I drew must make me seem like a certified Whovian to you.

Four years ago, a friend 'in the business' suggested that I pitch a strip to Torchwood Magazine. My problem was that I had only watched two or three episodes of the first television series and had decided that it was total rubbish. My friend suggested that I draw some strips featuring 'weevils', a creature that apparently appeared regularly in the programme, and so, after some internet research, the following is what I submitted. 


Seemingly, the editor was baffled by what I had sent to him and, inevitably, rejected them. Perhaps to somebody who likes Torchwood my contempt for it shines through but I still think that the strips are quire funny.

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