Thursday, 12 December 2013

Catalogue of Rejections

Often, my submissions to Viz take the form of what I refer to as 'pitches'. These are rough versions of the finished strip that give the editors a good idea of what to expect should they accept the submission and make me feel better about the amount of work I put into drawing it should they reject it. Here are some pitches that Viz decided weren't for them.
I think I might have been successful with this pitch if I had made the reference to Horrible Histories more clear by calling the strip Unpleasant Pasts or Yucky Yesterdays or something.
My occasional collaborator and proof-reader, Robert Wells, describes this as 'too rude, even for Viz'.
Had I submitted this around the time Richie appeared on the comedy panel show Would I Lie To You boasting about his sexual conquests whilst he was doing The Daz Doorstep Challenge adverts and married to Colleen Nolan I might have stood a chance but instead I left it too late.
Maybe Viz just don't find jokes about erections as funny as I seem to.

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