Thursday 13 January 2011

TNTLTP; Best of 2010

Orbital Comics in London have included There's No Time Like The Present in their highly selective and otherwise tasteful Best of 2010 list. My comic is in there with the likes of The Walking Dead and Bulletproof Coffin. Tom says, "The strength of Paul Rainey’s ‘There’s Time Like The Present’ lies in it’s ability to juxtapose relatable personal drama with lofty cosmic science concepts". Copies of all thirteen parts are still available to buy from the shop section of my website or directly from Orbital.

Orbital Comics like my work enough to have invited me to take part in an event in their shop with Paul Cornell on Saturday February 19th. Paul is a highly regarded writer whose work includes Captain Britain, Action Comics and episodes of Doctor Who. Details can be found on Orbital's website and I'll remind you here nearer to the time.



Rol said...

That's cool - if you want me to send you some PJANG #5s to distribute / sign, I can happily put some in the post.

But don't worry if not.

Paul B Rainey said...

That's an idea, Rol. I'll email you.