Saturday 30 October 2010

TNTLTP Updates

I have some There's No Time Like The Present updates for you. Firstly, Paul Gravett, the curator of the That’s Novel exhibition, recently wrote about it here. There's more information about the exhibition along with a sample of one of the pieces I drew exclusively for it.

Secondly, TNTLTP was name checked in the latest Utter Shambles comedy podcast hosted by Robin Ince and Josie Long. They were talking to Mark Gatiss about some of their favourite films, TV shows and actors when my name and the Ultranet are mentioned. I was out walking and listening to the show on my ipod and I was so surprised to hear my work mentioned in this context that I laughed into the face of a passing woman. The podcast can be downloaded for free from here.

Finally, as well as being able to buy the entire series of TNTLTP from my website shop, it also available from the following real world venues - GOSH, Orbital and the London Print Studio in London, OK Comics in Leeds, Nostalgia and Comics in Birmingham, Worlds Apart in Liverpool and Forbidden Planet in Manchester.


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