Thursday, 15 December 2016

Star Jaws


I recently drew this for Robin Barnard's very entertaining tribute to Marvel UK's Star Wars Weekly comic from the 1970s, Star Jaws. I don't consider myself a Star Wars fan but I loved Star Wars Weekly, especially Carmine Infantino and Terry Austin's artwork on the lead story. My opinion is that the original movies owe a lot to Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's long run on Fantastic Four from the 1960s, so I tried to pay tribute by redrawing the cover to issue 86 but with Star Wars characters instead. Infantino and Austin drew their strips at a time when there was only one Star Wars film to refer to and home-video recorders were rare. I really enjoyed pastiching how I imagine they would have worked in the late seventies, drawing the characters slightly wrong. 


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

There's No Time Like The Present update

Item: Staff and customers of OK Comics have voted There's No Time Like The Present one of the best graphic novels of 2016.  "Character drama about normal people in a world where time travel exists." You can buy the exclusive and limited signed print edition of There's No Time Like The Present exclusively from OK Comics in Leeds. 

Item: We Built This City On Rock And Roll is an exhibition of photographs and paraphernalia on the Milton Keynes music scene curated by Lee Scriven currently taking place in the City Central Library's exhibition space. It includes some work from me including a cased copy of Memory Man from twenty-two years ago (photo below) and a HUGE reproduction of a comics-strip Lee and I did together about Trevor Marshall. 

Item: An interview I did with Chris Thompson for the Pop Culture Hound podcast is now available online for you to download and listen to here.