Thursday, 10 September 2015

Winning Minds Secrets From The Language Of Leadership

Above are illustrations I drew for Simon Lancaster's recently published book, Winning Minds Secrets From The Language Of Leadership. Simon is a successful speech writer who has written for many top politicians, including Alan Johnson, and business leaders. Often, Simon appears on Sky and BBC News due to his expertise. 

This is the second of Simon's books that I have provided illustrations for. Previously, I worked on his book Speech Writing The Expert Guide. It was a job that took a few weeks to finish and I enjoyed very much. (I'll post those illustrations here sometime in the near future). 

For Winning Minds, I had only three days to produce eleven brain diagrams and these eight drawings. It was a daunting task and was hard work (by my standards, anyway) but great fun. For the drawings, I allowed myself just two hours to complete each of them and managed to keep to this limit. Although I think it's clear that some are better than others, I was quite pleased with how they turned out overall and feel that they compare favourably with the drawings I did for Simon before. 

Here's a link to Simon's book.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

West: Badwater Lake

Andrew Cheverton and Tim Keable contacted me a few years ago and asked if I was interested in drawing a story for a one-off special of their now long running, meticulously crafted comic, West, As I had recently finished work on There's No Time Like The Present and was looking for short projects to draw, I said yes. Originally, in an attempt to, at least in part, mimic the terrific artwork of the regular artist Tim, I grey-toned Badwater Lake. However, a couple of years later, I asked Chev and Tim if they minded me colouring the artwork and reprinting the story as a back-up strip in issue four of Thunder Brother: Soap Division. (Copies available from my shop here).

Please visit Chev and Tim's website Angry Candy and consider buying the West Justice and West Distance books from their Big Cartel store. These two books collect all of the West stories so far and are really good comics.