Wednesday, 16 December 2015

14 Year Old Stand-Up Comedian

mega-academy1 mega-academy2 mega-academy3
14 Year Old Stand-Up Comedian "Plays The Mega-Academy" originally appeared in Volume 11 issue 2 of on-line comic Aces Weekly. You can learn all about this issue here. Read the rest of my 14 Year Old Stand-Up Comedian strips here.


Thursday, 26 November 2015


ITEM: I have artwork that appears in the adult colouring book, Colour Me Bad, edited by ILYA and recently published by Little Brown. I appear alongside Robert Wells, Hunt Emerson and many other wicked-cool British cartoonists. If you visit my website often, then you may be familiar with most of my contributions which includes some of my Jog On strips and a re-ordered Charity Should Begin At Home. ILYA has done a really good job on making all of this artwork look good and the reproduction is great. 

ITEM: I have drawn a two-paged strip called What Dave Gone Did for the new Dead Singers Society comic compiled by Samuel C. Williams. I know it's out  as copies were for sale at the recent Thought Bubble. I'm not sure where you can buy it from but if you see a copy when you're out and about then take a look as I am really pleased with my contribution.

ITEM: I am exhibiting at this weekend's Northampton Comic Mart from midday in The Racehorse Pub in, well, Northampton. I'll be selling copies of my graphic novel, There's No Time Like The Present, and copies of  my comic Thunder Brother: Soap Division. If you're in the area, please drop by and say hello. If you're not, then why not buy a copy of There's No Time Like The Present as a Christmas gift for someone you love, you feel contempt for but also obliged to during the festive period or just for yourself directly from the publisher, Escape Books.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Without Do

The Without Do is my entry into the Guardian newspaper's recent #OpenComics assignment. #OpenComics has a review panel and a deadline of September 24 but as I haven't heard anything and am unsure if I should hear anything beyond seeing the strip appearing on their website, I've decided that it's probably okay for me to post it here. The Without Do is based upon a video of a rat running around a MacDonald's restaurant in Central Milton Keynes that went viral over the summer.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


XXIII originally appeared in issue five of my comic Thunder Brother: Soap Division. Issues one to six can still be ordered from my online shop here.  Read all about what ILYA had to say about the creation of XXIII here.


Thursday, 22 October 2015



In 2011, I made a personal appearance at Orbital Comics in London as part of their "Two Pauls" evening. The idea for the event was that two creators called Paul at opposing ends of the comics-creating spectrum would talk about their experiences in the field. At one end, there was professional and highly regarded writer Paul Cornell and at the other, there was me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was a great success and yet a second "Two Pauls" evening featuring two more Pauls talking about making comics never occurred. 

At the top is a drawing I did to promote the event. Considering that I had never seen Paul in the flesh before, I think he was very gracious about my representation of him. Underneath is a quick sketch I drew for Orbital. To my delight, it seemed to be on their shop wall for a long time after.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Goddard and Prisk: Investigators of the Paranormal

Goddard and Prisk: Investigators of the Paranormal originally appeared in issue six of my comic Thunder Brother: Soap Division. Issues one to six can still be ordered from my online shop here.  


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

There's No Time Like The Present Updates

Item: After skipping a year, Caption, Britain's longest running comic festival, is back this weekend, this time in a brand new location in Coventry. I'm delighted to be able to tell you that after being a semi-regular attendee since it started in the early 90s, I am at last a guest along with other comic creators such as Leah Moore, John ReppionHunt EmersonAl Davison and Paul Duffield. If you're Coventry, near to Coventry or miles away from Coventry, please drop by, especially on Sunday afternoon at 1:15 PM when I will be in conversation with Alex Fitch.

Item: The final apart of my six part interview with Paul Gravett has been posted to the Escape Books Website. You can read it here, if you wish.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Winning Minds Secrets From The Language Of Leadership

Above are illustrations I drew for Simon Lancaster's recently published book, Winning Minds Secrets From The Language Of Leadership. Simon is a successful speech writer who has written for many top politicians, including Alan Johnson, and business leaders. Often, Simon appears on Sky and BBC News due to his expertise. 

This is the second of Simon's books that I have provided illustrations for. Previously, I worked on his book Speech Writing The Expert Guide. It was a job that took a few weeks to finish and I enjoyed very much. (I'll post those illustrations here sometime in the near future). 

For Winning Minds, I had only three days to produce eleven brain diagrams and these eight drawings. It was a daunting task and was hard work (by my standards, anyway) but great fun. For the drawings, I allowed myself just two hours to complete each of them and managed to keep to this limit. Although I think it's clear that some are better than others, I was quite pleased with how they turned out overall and feel that they compare favourably with the drawings I did for Simon before. 

Here's a link to Simon's book.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

West: Badwater Lake

Andrew Cheverton and Tim Keable contacted me a few years ago and asked if I was interested in drawing a story for a one-off special of their now long running, meticulously crafted comic, West, As I had recently finished work on There's No Time Like The Present and was looking for short projects to draw, I said yes. Originally, in an attempt to, at least in part, mimic the terrific artwork of the regular artist Tim, I grey-toned Badwater Lake. However, a couple of years later, I asked Chev and Tim if they minded me colouring the artwork and reprinting the story as a back-up strip in issue four of Thunder Brother: Soap Division. (Copies available from my shop here).

Please visit Chev and Tim's website Angry Candy and consider buying the West Justice and West Distance books from their Big Cartel store. These two books collect all of the West stories so far and are really good comics.