Sunday, 8 June 2014

About... Connected

Last year, Robert Wells and I entered the Dundee Comics Prize with our strip Connected. It wasn't the first time I had entered the competition. A couple of years before I was a runner up with a strip that I both wrote and drew called Jack The Robot.

Last year's competition required us to create a science fiction themed comic strip of between five and eight pages long. Quite a demand, I thought, (especially as the prize money seemed to be the same if not less) which is why I contacted Rob to see if he was interested in working with me on it. It was only a couple of weeks before the deadline when we started but even so, Rob was confidant that my five page story would work better as an eight pager and that he wouldn't have any trouble finishing it in time.

As well as the eight pages, the competition also required Rob to draw a cover for our imagined comic. How he managed to get it all finished in time, and to such a high quality, I do not know. Although my calling him everyday to see how he was progressing probably helped. That and the last minute two week deadline extension.

Connected didn't win but it was one of the three runners-up which meant that we received £250 prize money between us and the strip appeared in Tales Of The Universe issue one.

Both Rob and I are very happy with how our entry turned out and would love the opportunity to do tell more Connected stories. So far, we haven't found a publisher who is interested (pitching strips isn't something that both Rob and I feel we are very good at). Recently, we tried, unsuccessfully, with a weekly comic which is what this colour version of page one (below) was for. 
You can read Connected here.

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