Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Big Three Nine

39-1 39-2 39-3 39-4


Anonymous said...

interesting cartoon, I like stuff about real life. Nice one. I had a cartoon published in Viz too called 'Sob Story' this month. I always look out for your strips. All the best mate.

Danny Nichols

Paul B Rainey said...

Hi Danny (or is it Bill)

Sorry for the delay in a reply but I just noticed your comment.Thanks for letting me know what you think. I'm particularly proud of The Big Three Nine, even if people in general seem unimpressed by it. Sob Story is really good. (Should have been bigger though). Thanks, Paul.

sean michael Wilson said...

Like it. You may have noticed how anti-capitalist i am. So this made me smile.

Paul B Rainey said...

Cheers, Sean. I recently realised that a lot of my work is inspired by arguments I have in shops.