Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Gin Palace 2

I have a strip appearing in the second issue of Rob Jackson's excellent booze influenced anthology, Gin Palace. The short is called Wednesdays and is about feuds between middle-aged dads who should be old enough to know better. Wednesdays appears alongside other great shorts by some of the best UK based comic creators today including Francesca Cassavetti, Andrew Cheverton, Dave Hughes and, of course, Rob Jackson. Copies cost £3 including P&P from Rob's website.



Amalgamated Biscuit said...

Cheeky question, are you ever going to collect all of There's No Time Like The Present in to one volume?

Paul Rainey said...

It's not that cheeky a question. I hope for it to be collected one day but there are no plans to at the moment.